Some tv trivia

Angela Lansbury is well known as Jessica Fletcher in the television series: Murder, She Wrote. Many may not know that the role was first offered to Jean Stapleton (Archie Bunkers wife – All in the Family). I read somewhere long ago that she turned down the role because she did not want to be in another long running tv series. I didn’t know Lansbury was born British and moved to the US right before WWII. Dr Kildare was the first medical tv series (Richard Chamberlain), premiering a week before the series Ben Casey (Vince Edwards). I would guess that those under age 30 never even heard of these medical shows, but are somewhat familiar with ER. This series launched many careers, George Clooney probably being the most famous. I like Noah Wyle in the Librarian tv movies and TNT series. Raymond Burr started his acting career in 1946, best known as Perry Mason (series from 1957-1966). The tv movie series ran from 1985 till his passing away in 1993, last movie only showing him sitting or standing while leaning on a table. I didn’t care that much for Ironside. In the mid 70’s I watched reruns of The Honeymooners, just recently learning that Jackie Gleason was also a music composer and drinking buddy of Frank Sinatra – introducing him to Jack Daniels whiskey. He was also a New Jersey bartender in the mid 30’s at the Blue Mirror, is this where “Joe the Bartender” came from?