Mar 182012

Edtechideas is a website for teachers to integrate computer technology in the classroom, net websites that illustrate and assist the teacher in the lesson plan for the day.  Parent and school aged child can do the same.  Visiting the websites with parent encourageing and helping child expand their imagination while learning together – those moments will become priceless memories as the child grows older.

Paul Salvette has been posting a series of html format coding tips for the Kindle Fire since January.  It is best to start from the introduction - How to design an e-book for the Kindle Fire.

Oatmeal illustates:  10 words you have to stop misspelling.  I am guilty of 3 words, one being spelling wierd.  Of course, whether to use affect or effect is mind boggleing for me.  After seeing and laughing over his illustration of definately – don’t think I will misspell that word again.  Scroll down past the posters and view 6 more grammar comics.


Mar 042012

backupNoupe has an excellent post on how to backup your wordpress website and exporting to another host.  I knew nothing about backing up, post was very helpful.  I looked at the plugins but the files seemed to go to online websites for storage.  I would rather have the files on my computer.  I read about backing up and restoring files thru cPanel.  I signed into my host and looked thru the icons.  My setup was alittle different but the files section was about the same.  I clicked the backup wizard because I really didn’t know what I was doing and knew the wizard would be helpful.  Below is the screen that it brought up.

wizard backup

I started with the home directory and did a full backup.  It zipped it into a tar.gz file which compressed to 134,000 kb.  The download was 130 mg.  Next I downloaded two SQL database files.  I’m just wondering if the next backup will just download for the intervening days or the whole enchillada.  Guess I’ll find out with a partial backup.

Feb 132012

zBench is a good starter theme for a new author to experiment and begin to understand wordpress and the various themes and features (layout, plugins, fixed or fluid width, columns, etc). This theme is a two column – which is what I wanted.  It has ample widgets but I had to upload a few, which is a somewhat easy process.  I don’t care for the comment plugin that came with the theme – too much spam gets thru.  I visited this page on 5 essential comments and chose GASP.  I go to dashboard – plugins – add new – search – gasp – install – and activate the plugin. I installed 4 other plugins:  enhanced text widget, fast secure contact form, image widget and sidebar login.  For my purpose, I don’t like the bold type in the text widget, would rather it be plain type.  If anyone knows how to change it in the css or php files, please comment and let me know what to edit.  Sidebar login replaced the default meta widget.  Many don’t know about the image wiget for photos in the sidebar with this theme.  This codex page will help if you are having trouble figuring out how to add categories like I did.  In this theme its in the posts dropdown menu.  I changed the default title tagline in the theme to WP themes (settings / general).  Otherwise people googling would see on your site “just another wordpress blog”.  I downloaded the background file from Subtle Patterns, hopfully bringing about a soft relaxing tone to site.  Same zBench theme, Cat Taylor delivers a different tone.

A few google plugins to consider would be google analytics (free traffic report) or an advanced wordpress plugin analyticator (wp directory), connects to your registered analytics account.  Another may be a sitemap generator to aid google indexing your blog – automatically generates code of new or updated post.  A third may be google webmaster tools.

Jason Cordova is an example of a feature rich zBench theme website.  He uses a 3 column layout, with a visitor stat count, calendar, twits and a few other plugins.